VERSOS>October the First


Mama told me “No you don´t go

‘cause trouble is in those streets”,

“But mama why shouldn’t I vote

when that’s the most democratic thing?”

A dream told us they would come,

they arrived with masks and black

and grinning they used batons

to stop what they couldn’t crash.

They came in black, oh yes, in dark

to stop what they never crashed.

Though on that October the First

we were on the streets

finally voting with old ladies and young girls

brave and noble mocking birds

‘cause they came in black, oh mama, in dark

to beat what they never clashed.

People casted their right

feeling they were free and thirst

for liberty is the gift we shall fight

for the upcoming of October the First

when they came in dark, oh yes, in black

to kneel and never come back.

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